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Welcome To Our Web Site! 

Leannes Estate Sales was established in 1997!   We handle Estate Sales in California.  We are the only full service Estate Sale business in the northern California  area that offers to sell everything from the contents of the house down to the actual Real Estate.   We are a full scale one call does it all Estate service business.

We are experienced in working with Executors, Conservators, trustees, administrators, attorneys, Real Estate agents, as well as individuals looking to liquidate an estate, or moving out of the area.  We  handle business liquidations, foreclosure situations, bankruptcy liquidations, deaths, divorces, down sizing and more!

We are Also the only Company in the mother lode area that offers a complete inventory of all items sold, via our software program.  Each item is inventoried, entered into our system then After the sale is over we simply push a button and the entire three day sales is populated for you and your family.  Must attorneys will tell you having this detailed inventory and sales record is required when you are the executor of an estate.  It is truly invaluable when settling an estate or liquidation!

To the right you will see a few tabs to click that have more info about me and the services we offer.  Please take a moment and visit my about Leanne tab, it is important to tell you about myself and my background and experience in Professional Estate sales and services.  Also, be sure to visit the Faq page, some of your questions may be there.

Yes, we still offer a FREE initial consultation for all of my services!

Breaking news ***
Although Leanne has worked with Hoarding situations for over 15 years, We thought it would be best to also add this info to our web site.  Since the out break of new TV shows about hoarding more and more people are becoming aware of this condition and now have a name for it!   We work with understanding, compassion, and respect for all of our clients no matter what the circumstance.

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Thank you again for visiting my web site and enjoy looking around!

Please feel FREE to email me at lsmith@goldrush.com  or give me a ring at 209-743-8433